Hello and welcome to my blog!

I’m an EFL teacher from Greece who’s been teaching students of all ages and levels for the past 10+ years. In my teaching I always try to come up with creative ideas that can add a touch of magic to our icreasingly demanding and exam-driven ELT class. For me a good teacher is first and foremost a good learner and that might explain why I’m a conferences/conventions/webinars etc addict. Apart from teaching, I also love translation and have worked as a translator and subtitler for many years.

I’ve always felt that sharing helps us grow and become a better version of ourselves, so that’s why I started this blog almost 5 years ago.

If I’m not writing/crafting/preparing for class, you will find me singing and playing music with friends, cooking or watching (tons of) films and TV series.


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  1. Hi there! What good fortune that you lead me to your blog at just the right time – I’ve just started my first pre-sessional in the UK, Text Based Studies (Reading and Listening), and your blog is full of super useful resources, so thank you!!


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