Trying Adobe Spark – inspired by Cristina Cabal

I love learning about new tools and ways to make my lessons more engaging especially when it comes to the tech-savvy group of my teen students. So, the minute I read Cristina Cabal’s post here about Adobe Spark I knew I had to try it.

The truth is that once you create your own account in Adobe Spark you realize it’s a world full of (exciting) potential and it will definitely take you time to experiment with all its incredible features. It’s time worth spent – there are so many options to select from that I felt as if I were in a digital wonderland.

This has been my first attempt at Adobe Spark and I’ve created a presentation on a similar topic as Cristina’s (New Year Resolutions) but with less content. What I’m planning to do is ask my students to create their own presentations in Adobe Spark and use my first attempt as a possible model.

New Year Thoughts

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