#30GoalsEdu: Create a Teacher Manifesto

This is a goal that I’m sure every teacher feels special about. It’s all about what matters to us as teachers, what shapes our teacher identity and what we hope to accomplish through teaching. It’s so difficult to write about all the things teaching has revealed to me. As a person who used to have totally different dreams, I could never imagine teaching could mean so much and that I would learn so much about myself and others. I’m grateful for every teaching moment in my life and I hope to be blessed with learning and love for the many more years I will be teaching.
This is my manifesto created with one of my favourite tools easel.ly. If you click here, you will be directed to the link right away.



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  1. Lovely manifesto Maria. I love reading your posts. I am so grateful for our connection. We certainly share values and beliefs in life.
    Love and light


  2. Thank you so much for your ongoing support and encouragement, dear Debbie! Your words motivate and inspire me to keep sharing my ideas! Thanks once again for being the kind, generous person you are! 🙂


  3. Great display of your values as a teacher and a person. I will follow your example! Thanks for sharing the link to easel.ly.


  4. Thank you so much for your comment and kind words, Rosmery! You'll love easel.ly, it's an amazing, super easy to use tool for infographics and posters.


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